Dai Le, Founder of Dawn, is joined by Ngan Vu and Catherine Ngo to discuss #harmonyday in the context of the #coronavirus #covid19, the impact that the virus has on the community and what we can do to support each other, keeping each other safe and create harmony.

Ngan Vu a coach and certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant who is passionate about coaching quiet leaders and high achievers to define and navigate their next big move in life. Together with her husband Nam, she co-founded Transeal Projects in 2015, a company that specialises in Caulking and Joint Sealing – a trade service in the tier 1 construction industry.

Catherine Ngo is a presenter, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. She is the founder & CEO of Keynoteworthy, a platform connecting event organisers with diverse speakers. And if there isn’t enough time in the world, she also regularly consults for DAWN in communications and marketing. Cathy is extremely passionate about amplifying voices especially helping underrepresented ones. She’s a diversity and inclusion advocate and believes in the power of story in bringing people together.

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