We are igniting the
world to rise together
as humankind.

The brainchild of diversity and inclusion advocate, Dai Le, the DAWN journey started in 2014. The first step of the DAWN conversation led public and private sectors to the EMPTY CHAIR workshop initiative. It provided and continues to provide, the essential tools for organisations and corporations in Australia to recognise, understand and implement strategies that embrace the culturally and linguistically diverse society in which we live.

Today and everyday, DAWN continues to evolve, grow and accept the challenges of the world in which we live. Together with our partners, we have continued to develop and deliver initiatives and programs that leverage diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and leadership styles.


A DAWN of a new Era

As we enter the next stage of DAWN, we are ready to shine the light on the leaders and organisations making a positive impact on the world through their work and their ability to affect cultural and social change.

Joining DAWN’s Founder, Dai Le, on this vision to amplify stories and services that have great social impact, is Linh Podetti. Linh founded and built Outsourcing Angel, a social enterprise that focuses on creating jobs in developing countries and helps small business owners achieve freedom. She will bring her wealth of experience and social impact work to help accelerate DAWN’s growth, and sharpen our offerings.


Shining the light on unsung heroes and
unheard stories

Our goal is to shine the light on unsung heroes and unheard stories that will inspire the next generation of emerging leaders and organisations to seize opportunities by:

Shifting your mindset

Taking action

Working collaboratively

Creating social change

Our DAWN media production currently produces shows that aim to amplify the diversity of talent, lived experiences and unheard stories from all corners of the earth.

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Join us to ignite the world with ideas and conversations and create a new model of community where social impact movers, breakers and shakers, can connect, collaborate and build capability to thrive together economically, and socially.

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