You can be a leader

Our vision is to create an environment that encourages cultural diversity, that accepts individuality and values the differences everyone has to offer. We are a platform for open and honest discussions which embraces and welcomes diverse perspectives and thinking. We aim to inspire and support individuals to step up to leadership roles.

About DAWN

With our key partners, DAWN workshops and programs, we will target individuals and organisations wanting to leverage diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and leadership styles to help them operate, live and do business in today’s world.

Established in 2014, we have lead the discussion in public and private sectors on the need for organisations to develop, harness and nurture a culturally diverse and inclusive leadership pipeline. We have run our unique Culturally Diverse Leadership Conversations in corporate as well as culturally diverse awareness workshops for individuals and organisations.

Diversity matters

In Australia, our cultural diverse population is drawn from more than 300 ancestries and is visible in everyday life. The AHRC (Australian Human Rights Commission) has reported that one in four of Australia’s population were born overseas, with about 46% having at least one parent born overseas. Yet this diversity is not reflected in the leadership circles of many major institutions in our nation.

In 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the University of Sydney collaborated in a study and found that 75.9% of the 2490 people in senior and leadership positions in Australia are from Anglo-Celtic backgrounds.

Benefits of Diversity in Organisations

Increase overall business performance
When employees feel involved, respected and connected, employers can tap into a greater richness of ideas and problem-solving approaches.
Easier to hire and retain talent
When an organisation supports a diverse demographic group, it has a direct impact on the retention and engagement of employees as per a study conducted by Women Ahead in 2017.
Enhance your organisation’s brand
Inclusive brands are in a better position of connecting with consumers and employees

Diversity & Financial Performance

In 2017’s research by McKinsey it was found that companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity on their executive teams were 33% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. 

Through their research it was confirmed that gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity, particularly within executive teams, continue to be correlated to financial performance across multiple countries worldwide.

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