The issue…

More than half of Australia’s population was born overseas or has a parent who was. Of the 4 million people who speak a language other than English at home, close to 1.3 million speak an Asian language. However the leadership in our public and private sectors do not represent this diversity.


  • Unconscious bias & discrimination

    Unconscious bias and discrimination in the workplace inhibits opportunities for recognition and promotion

  • Differing cultural & social norms

    Differing cultural and social norms lead to misguided perceptions of leadership capability

  • Lack of domestic networks

    Lack of domestic networks coupled with language barriers impact confidence and chances to participate

  • Insufficient opportunities

    Insufficient opportunities for migrants and refugees to engage in skilled work and mainstream society are limited

DAWN Conversation Series

Through DAWN Conversation you will hear from influential leaders and trailblazers to help build your confidence and overcome these barriers.

Upcoming Conversation

The next DAWN conversation is about Belonging, Identity and You!

Hear from Rebecca Lim, Westpac’s Group Counsel and Thang Ngo, Managing Director of Identity Communications who will share their thoughts and join the panelists through our Empty Chair.

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