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About Dawn

We inspire. We encourage. We believe.

DAWN aspire to have an inclusive Australian society with culturally diverse leadership teams in all sectors - public and private. We aim to create a professional network that advocate for and promote inclusive leadership from within Australia's culturally diverse workplace. Our mission is to unlock the talent from within organizations to help business and government succeed here, and internationally. In doing so, Australia will recognise the human and cultural resources we have that will enable the nation to achieve its economic and social goals.

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A group of us met in 2013 and spoke about the need for a professional network that will allow us to share our diverse backgrounds and experiences in a supportive environment; enable us to learn from one another; and encourage us to step up and become leaders.
Most of us in the group came to Australia as refugees or migrants, or had parents from a cultural and linguistic diverse background (CALD). We had to adapt, learn and embrace a new culture, a new society and a new language.

And we are proud to say we have been successful.

But what was that journey like? How did it impact us as individuals? How did our families' backgrounds and upbringing affect us? What impact have we made in Australian society? Could we have gone further with more support and mentoring?
As we discussed these issues, we felt it was important that we create a space where we could provide support, connection and encouragement for other young CALD women and men coming up behind us.

It is often said that once 'successful women' reach the 'top' they do not reach down to help pull up those below them. We beg to differ. Hence, the rise of DAWN.

DAWN bring together a diverse group of people, entrepreneurs and professionals to share ideas, vision and leadership in our community.
Importantly, DAWN is a network of professionals where people of culturally diverse backgrounds can meet, find support, be encouraged and build their leadership capability in their personal and professional journeys.

Our Mission

We empower gender and cultural diverse leadership in our society

We want to empower gender and cultural diverse leadership.

To make this happen, DAWN will offer tailored development and mentoring programs for emerging leaders and also provide a forum to drive the discussion on the need to increase cultural diverse leadership representations across mainstream society.

If you are passionate about culturally diverse and inclusive leadership teams in society, please JOIN US on our journey


Since the beginning of 2015, we have held a series of conversations in partnership with the Asian Australian Lawyers Association, Ethics Centre , Ashurst Law firm and Baker and McKenzie to explore the subject of leadership, cultural diverse leadership and Asian Australian leadership in our mainstream institutions.

We discovered that there were barriers. But at the same time there were opportunities that we could grab. But how to do it and how to find these opportunities, was the challenge.

We also found that there were many Australians of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, who were passionate and want to take the lead. But they are stopped - sometimes because of their own inner voice, and a lot of the times, because of the systematic barriers.

Taking our first step, DAWN is developing our own emerging leadership program that will encourage, inspire and enable leadership from within our culturally diverse community. If you want to contribute to shaping the program, please take 15 minutes of your time to fill the survey below to help us.

DAWN's ELDP Survey

You can also Register here to participate in DAWN's ELDP


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There is a wealth of human talent that remains untapped and undervalued in Australia. Leadership roles in major organizations and institutions do not meaningfully reflect the importance of multiculturalism and immigration in Australia and it's future. Almost one in three Australians were born overseas and one fifth of the population is a second generation Australian. It is projected that by 2050, migration will contribute 40 percent to Australia's GDP. That's $1.6 trillion.

DAWN's initiatives, which includes our Asian-Australian Leadership Conversations and proposed Emerging Leaders Development Program, people of culturally diverse backgrounds have a channel to build their capabilities in their personal and professional journeys. Emerging leaders will benefit through DAWN by gaining professional mentorship, connections and encouragement to overcome inherent career barriers such as the bamboo and glass ceilings.

DAWN began a series of conversations at the start of 2015 with the first group Asian Australians being the focus of DAWN's emerging leadership conversations.

  • 3rdAsianAustralianConversation-Banner
    cc_time May 27, 2015
    St James Ethics Center, Sydney

    The 2011 census revealed that almost a quarter (24.6%) of Australia’s population was born overseas and 43.1% of people have at least one overseas-born parent.Asian Australians make up almost 10 per cent of the Australian population. In that context why are organisations and Government agencies not reflecting such diversity in their leadership teams?  There are growing calls for increasing women in leadership roles across all sectors with quotas or target to achieve the numbers for women in leadership positions. DAWN would like to see the

  • SlideBanner-IsItPossible
    6.30 PM 15th Jul 2015
    St James Ethics Centre, Sydney

    As Australia faces the ‘Asian Century’, what are Australian organisations, including Government, doing to increase its cultural understanding of its region? And what policies are in place to take advantage of the emerging and rapidly growing economies of Asia which offer significant business opportunities for our country?

  • SlideBanner-YinYang (1)
    6.00 PM 03 Sep 2015
    Ashurst - Leading International Law Firm - Melbourne

    Gender, cultural diversity and leadership was DAWN’s topic at our first Asian Australian Leadership Conversation on May 27th, held at the St James Ethics Center. Yin and Yang certainly stirred those in the room as panelists Wesa Chau, Ken Woo and Dr Simon Longstaff explored what role does gender play within the Asian Australian population and whether some of the Asian cultures and traditions prevent Australians of Asian heritage from climbing the corporate ladder or go for senior leadership roles.

Our Values

  • Create connections that will last a lifetime
  • We operate in a culture of diversity, integrity and passion
  • We encourage gender and cultural diverse leadership across mainstream society
  • We are committed to making a difference to individual capability, corporate performance and society as a whole.

Our Beliefs

  • That people from all cultural backgrounds deserve compassion and should be treated with respect.

  • That success is as much about how you do business as what business you do.

  • That diversity is strength and needs to be a conscious decision as part of building successful organizations


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Our Partners 

Event / Get Involve

  • Final
    April 26, 2016
    Sydney CBD (venue to be confirmed closer to date)

    6.30pm – 9.30pm    26th Apr 2016 – 27th Apr 2016    Sydney CBD (venue to be confirmed closer to date)&nbspTHE ISSUE For many Asian Australian professionals, what costs are made to our careers by simply being unconscious when we are being too Asian? We accommodate, co-operate and compromise ourselves often through our own silence and therefore validate the stereotypes held of us. DAWN’s two-part workshop will explore the implications of this psycho-cultural unknowing to our careers and help you reach your leadership goals by developing strategies to overcome barriers like the Bamboo Ceiling. DAWN is a professional and social network that

  • DAWNlogo
    April 6, 2016
    Level 21, 275 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

    6.30pm – 8.30pm    06th Apr 2016    Level 21, 275 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000&nbspWill 2016 be the year for Diversity and Inclusion?  Westpac in partnership with DAWN would like to invite you to the Asian Australian Leadership Conversation Series for 2016. One in 10 Australians are from an Asian background, yet they are dramatically underrepresented in senior leadership roles in the business sector, making up only one in every 50 executive managers. The five-part conversation series hopes to tackle this disparity by encouraging Asian Australians to reach for leadership positions and to start the conversation in Australia’s business community about

  • Final_linkedin
    April 9, 2016
    Fairfield Youth and Community Centre

    10am – 2pm    09th Apr 2016 – 30th Apr 2016    Fairfield Youth and Community Centre&nbspDAWN kick starting entrepreneurship initiative in Southwest Sydney. In a first for Southwest Sydney, DAWN in partnership with Yourscene will kick start a new initiative that will encourage, support and nurture entrepreneurship among Australians of refugee and migrant backgrounds. The Your Entrepreneurial Spirit (YES) initiative will kick off on Saturday 9th April at the Fairfield Youth Centre on Vine Street. YES! is for you. 1. If you have a business idea, and you don’t know what to do, and how to start, and get the support, then YES, it is for you.

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Hi, we are the young cultureprenuers at DAWN.

It's exciting to be part of a space where we can share ideas, find unfailing support and grow as we progress in our professional and personal lives. DAWN aspire to build a strong voice for cultural diverse leadership in our community, and encourage us to embrace our unique cultural heritage as an advantage, rather than a setback.

We look forward to inform you, to excite you, and to take you on an adventure that celebrate cultures, inclusion, and leadership. We can stand out and step up to leadership opportunities. Fill out the form below and join us.


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