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DAWN is a professional and social network that promotes an inclusive Australia through culturally diverse leadership across the public and private sectors.

Our mission is to unlock the talent from within organisations to help Australian businesses and government prosper. In an increasingly globalised and interconnected world – businesses now more than ever need cultural capability, increased innovation and market insight that talented staff from diverse backgrounds can offer. It’s time to utilise our untapped human and cultural capital. The time for change is now.

Our tomorrow

There is a wealth of human talent that remains untapped and undervalued in Australia. Senior leadership roles in major organisations and institutions do not genuinely reflect Australia’s multicultural society.

Our Vision



Create meaningful connections and collaborations for an inclusive society



Operate in a culture of diversity, integrity and humanity



To take action to encourage gender and cultural diverse leadership across mainstream society to improve individual capability, corporate performance and society as a whole

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DAWN aspire to have an inclusive Australian society with culturally diverse leadership teams in all sectors – public and private. We aim to create a professional network that advocate for and promote inclusive leadership from within Australia’s culturally diverse workforce.
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