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There is a wealth of human talent that remains untapped and undervalued in Australia. Senior leadership roles in major organisations and institutions do not genuinely reflect Australia's multicultural society.

DAWN is tackling this to ensure that tomorrow's leaders represent Australia's cultural diversity.

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DAWN aspire to have an inclusive Australian society with culturally diverse leadership teams in all sectors - public and private.

We aim to create a professional network that advocate for and promote inclusive leadership from within Australia's culturally diverse workforce.


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I attended the second and fifth Conversations last year and found it fascinating to hear the experiences of accomplished Asian-Australians from a diverse range of professional fields. It was a welcoming and supportive environment, with an implicit connection among us due to our similar cultural heritage.

–Tanya Wong

It was great and reassuring to see other people who were just like me - coming to terms with their cultural upbringing and how that affects their work. To know there are other people going through this makes this makes me realise I don't have to try and work this out alone - there's now a whole community here to support, and work things out with me!

–Virginia Wong

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